AGA Advance

A.G.A. Advance is a Woven geotextile suitable for separating, filtration and reinforcement.  It is used in AGA Coir Fibre systems as a sediment retention membrane to prevent the wash out of soil fines from backfill.  In high flow situations we recommend using the  High Flow material grade to allow this water movement through the geotextile, this is especially important adjacent to a watercourse.

Where separation is required for construction of perminant or temporary roads and bases A.G.A.'S ADVANCE geotextile reinforces poor existing subsoil and prevents it from mixing with the good quality imported structure material. ADVANCE limits uneven settlement reducing the risk or rutting or deformation developing on the finished surface.
The use of A.G.A. ADVANCE will improve the durability of the road, save on construction and maintenance costs, particularly in heavily trafficked areas.
On weaker sub-soils where thicker constructions may be required, considerable savings in the cost of
hardcore or stone can be made.


Advance HF woven geotextiles provide outstanding water flow and pore size characteristics that will satisfy even the most demanding hydraulic applications. The uniform apertures across the roll ensure fine particle retention and even filtration characteristics that maximize long term performance by reducing the likelihood of the fabric blocking and clogging.

Some typical uses

  • Seepage control on earth dams and embankments
  • Filters around trench drains and edge drains
  • Filters beneath pavement permeable bases
  • Fines retention behind bio-engineered lake, pond,
  • and river revetments
  • Fluvial silt curtain
  • Filters for blanket drains and base courses.
  • Geotextile wraps for slot or jointed drains.
  • Drains for retaining walls, bridge abutments etc..

We also stock our non woven AGA Advance geo-textile in a light Ground Cover grade that will provide a cost effective solution for weed control across a broad range of applications.

AGA hold in stock for supply only and supply and install contracts a range of AGA Advance woven geotextile materials.


AGA Advance woven geotextiles provide an economical solution for reinforcement and soil separation for:

  • Car parks
  • Coir-fibre roll revetments
  • Cycleways
  • Driveways
  • Embankments
  • Footpaths
  • Access roads
  • Forecourts
  • Playing fields
  • Roads
  • Sports grounds and many other permanent or temporary surfaces