A pure natural straw extract for clearer water.

Easy-to-use, no mess, no unsightly rotting straw.

For years’ environmentalist and pond keepers alike have been using barley straw treatment as a control against the perils of algae. Using A.G.A. BioX for conditioning contained water is more effective than barley straw; it’s economical, works faster and totally eliminates the high cost of transporting and handling the raw material. The A.G.A. research and development team has concentrated the algae inhibiting chemical compounds produced from barley straw into handy 25lt. drums: treatment without the arduous and untidy process of introducing and removing large quantities of barley straw.

The application of A.G.A. BioX concentrate has the same conditioning effect on green water as the straw in bales.

The barley straw used to produce our BioX is free from herbicides and pesticides and is the produce of land managed in accordance with the Organic Product Regulations 2009. The treatment should be carried out through the algae season. We therefore recommended that the critical application of A.G.A. BioX is during the spring or early summer to prove most effective in the control.

Health and Safety information sheets and comprehensive technical data sheet are available on request.