A.G.A Aqua 1 Mixer

A.G.A has pioneered aeration techniques over the last 20 years to serve a range of purposes, primarily to re-oxygenate ponds and reduce algal blooms. The A.G.A wind driven Aqua 1 Mixer is a specialised piece of equipment for the aeration of ponds and lakes which works on the principles shown below to enhance both the water quality and the biodiversity of the lake. A.G.A have a number of aeration techniques to improve the quality of water in your pond or lake which will effectively increase dissolved oxygen concentrations, the most popular method is the wind driven A.G.A Aqua 1 Mixer which uses technology to enhance the natural process of oxygenation.Whenever technology is required it is nice to be able to couple this with a natural solution to enhance natural processes.

34 Aqua1 pond aerator

The A.G.A Aqua 1 Mixer is a good example of a mechanical method of enhancing a natural process in a sustainable way and can help with: de-oxygenation, algal blooms including blue/green algae, noxious and toxic gases and surface scum.

Deep circulation can greatly accelerate the natural aeration process, thereby significantly increasing the oxygen transfer rate. By bringing oxygen-depleted water to the surface, it can absorb oxygen from the atmosphere, from wind and wave action, and from solar penetration.

This oxygen-rich water is then drawn back down to the lower strata where it can most effectively break down waste products. Without 'deep' circulation, a body of water can thermally stratify and even in shallow water bodies that do not form a thermocline the hydra-soil or bottom mud can become depleted of oxygen (anaerobic). The separation that occurs between an upper warmer, lighter, oxygen-rich zone from a lower colder, heavier, oxygen-poor zone can happen without good circulation.

This lower or bottom zone contains foul-smelling incompletely oxidized animal and plant matter, these give off toxic gases caused by anaerobic (without oxygen) bacterial action. This lack of oxygen has the effect of stopping many lower life forms of oxygen-using life including facultative bacteria doing their work as nature intended. They break down waste products into substances that are naturally absorbed into the aquatic environment as part of the natural cycle.

With deep circulation as provided by the A.G.A Aqua 1 Mixer, positive changes in the body of water occur. Aerobic bacteria and other lower forms of oxygen-using aquatic life eat up plant nutrients and waste materials, this helps to clarify the water.

It is not unusual after the installation of a A.G.A Aqua 1 Mixer, and deep circulation has begun, for an odour to develop. This is the hydrogen sulphide, as well as other noxious gases such as ammonia, methane, and carbon dioxide reaching the surface. This odour disappears in a short time and the water will regain a natural healthy smell. An often understated but additional major benefit of deep mixing is its effect in reducing nuisances from algae and surface scum.

A properly aerated pond provides the maximum habitat for fish, aiding their growth and reducing the risk of disease. Aeration also reduces algae growth and accelerates the decomposition of organic matter, thus reducing the build-up of silt on the pond bottom.

These aeration systems can be almost completely covered in vegetation to keep the aesthetics of your pond or lake and provide a productive habitat for your aquatic flora and fauna.

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