Coir and Composits

A.G.A TRM 700 and 900

Coir erosion control and turf reinforcement mat for effective medium and long term applications. The TRM can be active for up to 7 years, this means protection from erosion while sown and self-seeded vegetation develop to complete a strong rugged natural erosion control zone

A.G.A. Turf Reinforcement Mat TRM 350. Effective, Immediate and Lasting Erosion Control

A.G.A. Turf Reinforcement Mat 350 is a tested and proven technology. A.G.A. TRM350 is constructed from coir fibre matting stitched between high tensile strength UV stabilised PP nets

A.G.A Vegetated Coir Rolls

A.G.A Pre-planted Coir Rolls provide an excellent alternative to hard revetment to establish a ‘soft’ and effective method of erosion control or to establish immediate habitat.

A.G.A Vegetated Coir Pallets

A.G.A Coir Pallets offer an excellent natural solution to establish marginal aquatic vegetation in lakes, ponds, rivers and stream banks. The success of the coir pallets lies in their diversity, they are so versatile and can be used to protect against erosion or provide habitat, such as on an Eco-Island.

A.G.A 125 Coir Blanket

A.G.A. 125 erosion control blanket is the practical solution to erosion control on any number of steep slopes where vegetation is the primary stabilising medium. It is a particularly economical solution where large surface areas are at risk or already damaged and in need of protection from further erosion.

A.G.A Economical Erosion Control - EconBlankets provide the conditions for vegetation to stabilise soil

A.G.A. EconBlankets are extremely economical. The mesh supports high quality natural materials that are evenly distributed and stitched to ensure the best possible results for slope stabilisation.