The A.G.A. Group is Quality assured to: ISO9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2004 and 18001: 2007

The A.G.A. Group or our consultants are accredited to or members of:-

  • Institute of Fisheries Management.
  • Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management
  • CLA Country Land and Business Association
  • The Royal Society of Biology
  • Royal Forestry Society
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®)
  • The Society for the Environment
  • The National Farmers’ Union
  • The Equality Register

The A.G.A. Group is the parent organisation under which a number of specialist divisions operate, Aquatic Consultancy, Bioengineering, Ecology & Land Management Consultants, AGA Civil Engineering Systems, Fishery Management, Natural Swim Pond Company and Lake and Pond Construction. These divisions allow for in-depth understanding of specific elements of the aquatic environment and provide expert knowledge in specific fields.

We have the talents and expertise to use our resources to successfully complete assignments to the highest standards.

We motivate the skills of our people to promote the corporate social responsibility which is integrated into our business model (AGA Group CSR policy).

Using our chain of suppliers vetted, we are able to stand by all materials brought in to service commissions.

Where task specific specialist equipment is required these will always be operated by a CPCS qualified and skilled workforce.

The Group employs a site work force around 20 at any given time, many of whom hold a range of competence certificates including:-

  • Certificates of competence in use of pesticides
  • IMF Certificates in Electric fishing
  • Certificates in aquatic plant identification
  • Construction award alliance diplomas in plant operation
  • Diplomas if the installation of Firestone Building Products
  • Master scuba diving certificates