Engineering and Structures

A.G.A Gabions

A.G.A. Gabions form a flexible monolithic structure and can maintain total structural effectiveness even on land liable to differential settlement.

A.G.A Rock Rolls

A.G.A Rock Rolls can be an excellent option or component of bank revetments. Whilst developed by A.G.A primarily to be used alongside coir rolls as they act as a sub-surface flexible but permanent gabion, they also provide excellent erosion control

Hazel, Chestnut, Willow (live) Faggots

Faggots can provide support for coir rolls and pallets to ensure that they sit at the correct water level, they will also offer additional erosion protection to the bank, particularly to the often vulnerable ‘toe’.

A.G.A Angling Platforms

All angling stations designed and constructed by A.G.A Group are done so with safety in mind, and where the stations are positioned is an extension of this. In general, angling stations are positioned approximately fifteen meters apart although exact positioning will be dictated by bank characteristics.