Floating Fish Refuges

Our Fisheries Management Team have been designing fish refuges and installing them on site throughout the UK for over 25 years. Underwater habitat plays a key part in the interaction between fish predators and their prey. Weed cover and other submerged structures are widely used by fish to reduce the risk of predation from pike and other predators, our floating refuges provide these conditions. Units come in standard sizes but can easily be built to specific shapes and sizes depending on customer requirements.  Our Team will assist throughout the design and installation stage.

Predation by cormorants and other avian predators cause damage to fish stocks, reduce catches and can have potentially serious financial implications. Where action is needed, we advise clients how best to balance the need to safeguard fish stocks with the sympathetic conservation of birds, although striking such a balance is not always easy. A.G.A Group is recognised as one of the top organisations in dealing with these specialist aquatic problems. Our consultants will help with any of your fisheries management enquiries.

Alternative anti-cormorant measures.

Nets and wires can be a viable management option for reducing predation loss at some sites but this may be costly. Temporary structures which come at a lower cost can be put in place during the winter months when it’s most likely for the fish to be susceptible to predation. A.G.A are happy to offer advice on such matters and can often present sustainable solutions to combat predation loss without resorting to lethal methods