Geotextiles and Liners

A.G.A Advance

A.G.A. ADVANCE geotextile reinforces poor existing subsoil and prevents it from mixing with the good quality imported structure material.

A.G.A Claymat

A high technology and extremely dense bentonite liner of low thickness that will provide a securely sealed water containment structure of any size.

A.G.A GeoCell

A.G.A GeoCell cellular confinement system supports a viable layer of topsoil on the slopes and banks of rivers, roads, railways and coastal areas and offers protection over tree roots. A.G.A GeoCell is a cellular matrix of interconnecting polymer strips that form pockets to locate and strengthen the fill material, providing a tensile strength that very effectively increases the shear resistance and cohesion of the fill.

A.G.A Geo-Grids

A.G.A. Geo-Grids create a reinforcing function by supporting the penetration of soil/rock particles or other geotechnical materials through the grids apertures by interlocking the particles.

A.G.A High Density Polyethylene Liner (HDPE)

A.G.A HDPE is a high performance geo-membrane that provides the end-user with the optimum in state-of-the-art containment liners.

A.G.A NP300 Non-Woven Needle Punched Geotextile

A.G.A NP300 is a high performance 300gsm geotextile that provides outstanding performance at minimum weight with excellent puncture resistance.

A.G.A Span

A.G.A Span is a specialised product for vertical bank protection. It provides a high-quality and very economical form of erosion control. A.G.A Span is a prefabricated, revetment fabric, which is UV stabilised.


Firestone EPDM is a single-ply synthetic rubber impermeable membrane offering a unique combination of benefits. It is completely inert and poses no threat to wildlife. It is also the preferred liner for decorative water features.