Lake Management

LG Sonic e-line Algae Control

The LG Sonic e-line has 12 ultrasonic programs to effectively control different types of algae. Each program contains different formats of ultrasonic parameters, such as frequency, amplitude, waveform and signal duration.LG Sonic technology replaces chemical based herbicides and algaecides.

LG Sonic MPC-Buoy Lite

The MPC-Buoy Lite solar powered floating platform provides 360° state-of-the-art treatment against algae and cyanobacteria in lakes, dams but is without water quality monitoring telemetry.

LG Sonic MPC-Buoy

The MPC-Buoy provides a complete overview of the water quality by collecting these parameters every 10 minutes: Chlorophyll α (green algae), Phycocyanin (blue-green algae), pH, turbidity, dissolved oxygen and temperature.

A.G.A and OASE Living Water Systems

A.G.A. are UK commercial partners of OASE a global player in Living Water Systems. Together we offer fascinating water effects in private gardens, to large imposing installations in public areas.

Biological algae control with A.G.A BioX Barley Straw Concentrate

Control over the growth of filamentous algae (blanket weed) has historically been carried out by the use of ‘cereal’ straw, in particular that of barley. The effect is as yet not fully understood, although it is now believed that the straw acts as a medium for bacteria.

A.G.A AquaBio

The use of calcium compounds, referred to as liming in fisheries management is long established and has been proven, in the right circumstances, to serve valuable functions.

A.G.A Aqua 1 Mixer

A.G.A has pioneered aeration techniques over the last 20 years to serve a range of purposes, primarily to re-oxygenate ponds and reduce algal blooms. The A.G.A wind driven Aqua 1 Mixer is a specialised piece of equipment for the aeration of ponds and lakes which works on the principles shown below to enhance both the water quality and the biodiversity of the lake

A.G.A Aquatic Plants

A.G.A is one of the UK’s leading growers of aquatic plants.  Our Merton Hall Ponds nursery has been commercially growing and supplying customers for two decades. We maintain specialised ‘fish-free’ nursery ponds where we grow healthy aquatic plants untainted by fish borne pathogens solely for their introduction into a client’s waters. 

Fountain Technology

Fountains are not only an attractive feature for a body of water, they also support a healthy aquatic environment for the biological balance by enriching its oxygen; a contribution toward the reduction of nuisance algae.

A.G.A Eco-Islands

A.G.A Eco-Islands work on a number of levels and provide important ecological benefits for lakes, reservoirs, canals and ponds. They encourage a balanced ecology both above and below the water line

A.G.A Spectrum Dye

A.G.A. Spectrum pond & lake dyes are the most popular and economical water dyes available to suppress weed and algae growth and enhance appearance.

Water Quality Testing

A.G.A Group will undertake a number of specific water quality tests to enable the confident assessment of any water quality issues you might have, be it in a pond or river and offer guidance and prescriptions on how to remedy the problems.

Water Quality Analisis

Water is of course critical to all life.  Whilst it is a valuable commodity as a potable supply for human consumption it is all so important that water in the natural environment is as pure and free from contamination as possible.  Humans and many animals require clean water to prevail and contaminated water can have disastrous effects.