OASE Proficlear M4

OASE Proficlear – M 4 - Bioballs Filter ModuleThe Bioballs M4 filter module represents the latest scientific findings.

  • The Bioballs (1), with the specially developed flow control offer an outstanding filter surface and are freely mobile in water.
  • Necessary oxygen supply is ensured through an external connection.
  • There is a sedimentation chamber on the floor for debris (2) which leaves the module via the slide valve (3), supported by nozzle rinsing.
  • The highly developed Bioballs are maintenance free through permanent rotation inside the system.
PROFICLEAR M4 – bioballs filter module
Dimensions (LxWxH) 800 x 600 x 800
Filter surface 30 m2.
Inlet Ø 1xDN 100/DN 150 + 2 x 50 mm
Outlet Ø 1x DN 100/DN 150
Max. flow rate 12,500 l/h (3,500 g/h)
Pollutant discharge Ø DN 50
Manufactured from Duraplast.