Water Quality - Liming

Liming of lakes and ponds to treat the hydro-soil and neutralise pH has become commonplace and A.G.A Group are at the forefront of this technology using lime professionally to both sterilise and to treat acidified ponds and lakes.
It should be noted that liming can only work in certain areas and we may only recommend it in special cases.

Improving Water Quality - Liming

Liming fisheries serves a number of purposes:

  • Decreases organic and oxidisable matter
  • Increases oxygenation by stimulating of aerobic micro-organisms
  • Improves water clarity by settling suspended solids
  • Reduces methane and hydrogen sulphide production in silt bodies
  • Counteracts acidity in water and hydro-soil
  • Provides essential calcium, increases alkalinity and conductivity
  • Increases water transparency
  • Reduction of orthophosphates, and iron ammonia salts
  • Reduction of disease in aquatic organisms

Liming, using calcium carbonate or calcium sulphate, benefits sport fish populations in many ways, improving overall water quality and fish health in acidified lakes and ponds. Fish in acidic waters are stressed, have lower resistance to disease, and grow slower to a smaller maximum size than fish in alkaline lakes. High acidity and toxic metals kill fish eggs and larvae and reduce spawning success. Liming can neutralise acidic waters, minimise stress, and detoxify heavy metals.


Health and Safety

Hydrated lime can cause serious burns to the skin and eyes.