Weed Control Management

A.G.A Group offer a complete weed control package and as such are on hand to deal with any of your needs. Problematic and invasive plant species, if left unchecked, can take over a water body in a surprisingly short space of time and as such should be dealt with as soon as possible. There are a number of techniques which can be employed depending on the circumstances and a thorough inspection of the site should always be carried out before proceeding.

A.G.A Group hold a NPTC competency certificate for giving advice on the safe use and application of aquatic herbicides, the A.G.A Group have over 25 years’ experience of dealing with problematic invasive aquatic plant life so you can be sure the treatment recommended will be the best to suit you.

Weed control is often considered to fall into four categories:-


Biological weed control is carried out using fish to control weed growth, with one species in particular associated with this type of weed control. The grass carp which comes from Eurasia is herbivorous and its diet consists mainly of aquatic plants. grass carp are not indigenous to the UK and therefore require consent from English Nature, DEFRA and the Environment Agency before they can be introduced into a waterbody. Control with grass carp can be effective in certain circumstances but the high cost of these fish; which do not naturally breed in this country; makes it essential to obtain professional advice such as that offered by A.G.A.

Chemical Control

Chemical control can be achieved by treating the invasive or nuisance plant species with an aquatic herbicide. It is critical that these chemicals are only used in their correct dosages and applied at the correct time and in the correct way. Control can be very effective, but is often only a short term solution and inappropriate use or control can have some unforeseen consequences. Killing off stands of submerged weed can for example leave a niche for nuisance algae to fill and this can be far more difficult to control, so once again advice should be sought from those that have knowledge of aquatic ecology as well as weed control aspects.
It must be advised that Aquatic herbicides should only be used by trained professionals


A.G.A Group have a full range of both hand and boat mounted equipment to deal with the application of both liquid and granular herbicides and weed cutting in all aquatic situations. Mechanical boat mounted weed control is the hands on approach to removing nuisance aquatic vegetation, whilst very labour intensive, it is often the only option, particularly in small water bodies or where circumstances preclude the other methods. Cutting weed on a beat of a trout fishery is a job that requires both the hands-on approach and a feel borne from experience.


Environmental control in terms of weed control is usually carried out by shading. This can be achieved by trees, lilies or even putting a material such as polythene over an area to exclude sunlight. All plants require light and aquatic ones are no exception to this.

Circumstances that preclude other methods have recently included cutting weed in a water supply reservoir and in an amenity lake at a shopping centre complex.

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