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Aquatic Engineering Services

Aquatic and aquacultural engineering is a multidisciplinary field of engineering that aims to solve technical problems associated with farming aquatic vertebrates, invertebrates, and algae. Our team of expert aquatic environment consultants know all there is to know about each aquatic engineering service that we offer. They are trained to be able to deliver high-quality service and expert knowledge on all aquatic environments. View our complete range of aquatic engineering services below. If you would like more information on the aquatic engineering services A.G.A Group are able to provide, please get in touch with our team of aquatic environment consultants today. 

Planning and Development

Fluvial Engineering

Reed Bed Construction

Flood Defence

Erosion Control

Desilting & Dredging

Pond & Lake Lining

Lake & Pond Construction

Boardwalks, Bridges & Platforms

River & Lake Habitat Enhancement

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