Desilting and Dredging Lakes and Ponds

A.G.A. Group provide the resources and expertise for the desilting and dredging lakes and ponds as well as larger reservoirs. We will undertake all aspects of the project required by the client.

Over a period of years, as they fill with mud, silt and plant materials, many ponds and lakes will require desilting. When this happens, oxygen levels are reduced and as a result, it can produce acidic conditions, reducing the fertility of the pond and putting fish stocks at risk. Desilting and dredging a pond means that it stays clean and functional.

Our services include:

  • Fish removal
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Consultancy and advice
  • Depth surveys and silt analysis (this can affect disposal considerations).

We work using environmentally sound practices that are cost effective and safe for desilting and dredging lakes and ponds.

These include:

  • Mechanical dredging
  • Hydraulic pump and floating pump dredging
  • Silt digestion
  • Silt pumping
  • Silt dredging
  • Silt removal or reuse
Digger dredging large pond
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