Flood Defence

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

We work with consultants and developers to design, construct and commission sustainable drainage systems that reduce the impact of new and existing developments with respect to surface water drainage discharges.

We can replicate or develop natural systems that are cost effective solutions with minimal environmental impact, releasing treated surface water run-off slowly back into suitable water courses.

Aqua Systems Barrier and Portable Cofferdam System

AquaBar water-filled cofferdams replace outdated sand bags and earth back fill.

Our AquaBars can be arranged to create flood control barriers and flood water diversion channels. It can be a non-invasive way of protection by withholding flood water, they are held in place by the weight of water held within them. They save time over some conventional methods, are re-usable and are logistically more efficient, they pose little disruption to the land from heavy transport.

The inherent flexibility and construction of the materials used enables the AquaBar to conform to most surfaces, thus providing an excellent seal and keeping water seepage to a minimum.

Barrier Bank flood defence system

This is an innovative temporary or semi- permanent flood system designed for fast reaction to imminent, intense flooding. Barrier Bank is a unique pattern of robust PP fabric bags and waterproof Velcro connections that provides a protective envelope around land, buildings or other sites.

Barrier Bank High Wall

  • A temporary or semi- permanent flood system designed for fast reaction to imminent flooding
  • Barrier Bank Surface Wall (ideal for surface water flooding)
  • Designed for surface water flooding and flash flooding of up to 1.4 metres

Quick Wall Mini

A unique pattern of robust PP fabric bags with waterproof Velcro connections.

Image showing SuDs3
Image showing Aqua Dam 1
Image showing SuDS1JPG


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