Lake and Pond Construction

The A.G.A. Group provide design and build services for all types of water bodies.

  • Large ponds and lakes
  • Amenity and recreational lakes or ponds
  • Wildlife ponds
  • Environmental and educational ponds
  • Balancing ponds and pollution control
  • Reservoirs
  • Fish farms
  • Koi and ornamental ponds

Our resources enable us to supply the finest, cost effective materials that a project may require; geomembrane liners, geotextile protection/filter fabrics and bank stabilisation cells are just a few.

As the UK’s largest producer of vegetated coir units (the method of using vegetation as a permanent structure within aquatic environs) , we can offer year round supplies for installation when ideal conditions prevail.

By opting to use our professional, experienced, construction and installation teams, you will have access to some of the most economical, innovative and reliable installation techniques available.

For over 25 years our group has had the most successful record of working with and for, clients throughout the UK.

Talk to us, we can undertake significant joint partnership ventures and turnkey projects.


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