Planning and Development

A.G.A. Group have direct experience in dealing with all statutory bodies including the Environment Agency, Local Planning Authorities, and Natural England, in applying and obtaining planning consents for fish farms, recreational fisheries, private ponds and lakes.

Within our defined disciplines our  Ecology and Land Management Consultants:-

  • Handle legislative issues with an understanding and awareness of how legislation impacts the client’s project
  • Format data to establish conditions relevant to the subject under review
  • Interpret data and report its value and significance
  • Identify and consider any potential contaminant sources that could have an adverse impact
  • Complete detailed report writing, for interpretation by non-technical parties
  • Communicate in the round with clients, regulators and sub-contractors

We can offer design and project presentation to the customer for aquatic and associated infrastructure work. Carried out ‘in house’ by our own team, we are never happier than to have the opportunity to work with a client to design their aquatic project.

A.G.A. Group projects unit undertake the construction side of client schemes.

For over 30 years A.G.A. Group have undertaken construction projects within the sphere of aquatic environs. We understand that all project needs are different that is why our integrated approach ensures that all aspects of the construction process will be taken into account including the appropriate materials, ecology of the area and environmental considerations.

Our quotations and methodology proposals always offer the client a competitive and professional solution.

We have developed specialised techniques for construction and restoration projects that combine traditional and modern materials. In this way we are able to provide ‘green’ solutions even when hard engineering components are unavoidable. We strike a balance to ensure that the project objectives are achieved in a way that gives full consideration to biodiversity and sustainability. All of the regulatory bodies and their statutory consulates now expect this to happen as a matter of course.

We normally have projects underway for clients in all of these areas. See our case study downloads which showcase various projects.