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Reedbed Construction

The A.G.A Group supplies, installs and commissions multi-functional reedbed systems.

Whatever the function they need to serve, consult us in the initial planning stages, and we will offer the most prudent cost effective solution.

We are the leading specialists in:

Horizontal flow reedbeds

Free Water Surface and Sub-Surface Horizontal Flow reedbeds work particularly well for low strength effluents, or effluents that have undergone some form of pre-treatment.

Whilst not effective in reducing ammonia they will almost always reduce BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) and SS (Suspended Solids) levels. These systems play an invaluable role in tertiary treatment and the polishing of effluents, and as a safeguard against shock loadings.

A typical application would be to treat the discharge from a package sewage treatment plant which is unable to meet the discharge consent standard required on its own. Talk to our consultancy team for advice.

Vertical flow and combination reedbeds

Vertical flow reedbed systems are much more effective than horizontal flow reedbeds and are capable of handling much stronger effluents with a longer lifetime value. Not only will they reduce BOD and SS levels but also ammonia levels while eliminating odours.

Reedbed waste water treatment plants

We can construct wetland systems for primary and secondary treatment of sewage and stronger waste waters. They have a particular role in the nitrification of effluents – the removal of ammonia.

We offer a range of sizes of floating modular reedbeds (Eco-Islands); these may be utilised individually or joined together to build up a much larger structure suitable for industrial effluent control. They provide an ecologically sound AGA technique to effluent control which is both aesthetically pleasing and effective, they can be gravel filled at the base to maximise their filtration potential.

Floating reedbeds

Our floating reedbeds are constructed from a durable, buoyant long lasting platform supporting a coir pallet planted with Common Reed (Phragmites australis) or a variety of similar aquatic species to the client’s preference. The coir provides an ideal growing medium for the reeds allowing them to thrive in previously uncolonised areas

Floating reedbeds (Eco Islands) both enhance water quality by filtering out suspended solids and by playing host to bacteria which breakdown harmful pollutants on a variety of scales, even industrial. Reedbeds are now considered an important management tool in wetlands and provide a number of services besides effluent control such as reducing algal blooms and providing cover for spawning fish.

As the UK’s largest producer of Phragmites australis (Common Reed) the A.G.A. Group are able to offer year round supplies for year round installation

Ecological reedbed systems & constructed wetlands

Our pre-vegetated plant pallets are, more often than not, the initial reed supporting vehicle used for the creation of habitat, the stabilisation of wetlands and waterside banks.

The real value of AGA systems comes to the fore with the use of natural materials and growing vegetation that’s already established to bring together biological, ecological and engineering concepts to vegetate of enhance wetlands.

By far the most cost effective and practicable way of creating or restoring reedbeds in wetland areas is the installation of coir pallets.  This is a proven solution achieved using pre-grown coir pallets from our own wetland nursery, we ensure a reliable supply of well rooted, established aquatic plants growing in coir rolls or pallets designed to adequately meet the hydraulic and biological needs of the site and withstand reasonable wave impact.

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