Wetland construction, conservation and regeneration

A.G.A. Group specialises in providing environmentally sensitive solutions to constructed wetlands. These may be engineered for many reasons, for example, reclaiming habitat lost to development, managing stormwater runoff or to emulate the features of natural wetlands.

Habitat enhancement and conservation

Measures may be called for to replace any disturbed ecological balance i.e. excessive living or dead vegetation, pollution or encroachment. We treat these project sites with extreme care and have the facilities and materials that return the site rapidly to its natural state.

Coir pallets for example, offer an excellent natural solution to establish marginal and emergent aquatic vegetation. The success of A.G.A. coir pallets lies in their diversity; they can offer rapid vegetation, provide habitat and protect against erosion.

Image showing Gravel rreedbedJPG
Image showing Reedbed

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