Cheddar Cemetery Extension

  • Client:

    Cheddar Parish Council

  • Project:

    Cemetery Extension

  • Location:

    Cheddar, Somerset

  • Duration:


  • Cost:


  • Project Co-0rdinator:

    Jake Girdler

  • Products Used:

    - GRB Plus-Plastic Ground Reinforcement Paver
    - Seeding
    - Stock-Proof Fencing
    - Hedgerow & tree planting
    - Tree works & removal.

View prior to work on cemetery extension


Cheddar Parish Council brought to fruition a plan to extend the village cemetery located beside the reservoir. The cemetery, which was opened in 1993, was close to capacity and the extension has more than doubled its size.

The new area has been attractively landscaped with hedging, trees and grassy pathways, making it a tranquil setting for visitors. At the same time improvements will be made to the car park and main entrance. In addition to traditional burials the extension enables the council to offer green burials.

Plan of new cemetery

The Project

A.G.A. started worked on site in November 2019, this meant that we were carrying out work in some very challenging weather conditions. It had been hoped to complete all planting before Christmas but the extreme wet weather since the autumn made working conditions very difficult and delayed the project. However, with good planning, the majority of the other works was completed before Christmas, just leaving the tree planting, seeding and some of the finishing touches, such as oak bollards, to be installed.

The work was carried out while the existing cemetery was still in use, with provisions for allowing visitors to the cemetery to have safe access and egress and with the arrangement that work would cease when a burial took place.

Trees in new cemetery area

The Work

  • Installation of 295 linear metres of stock proof fencing consisting of sheep netting and 2 strand barbed wire attached to timber posts.
  • Planting of 253 linear metres of native species of hedging as per drawings, planted on the inside of the fencing. Preparation of ground along a 1.5m wide strip to provide good soil conditions and as little competition from other vegetation as possible. Planted in a staggered double row 30cm apart with a minimum of 7 plants per metre. Each accompanied by a 45cm transparent spiral guard and cane.
  • Levelled, treated and prepared the ground (3,660 Sq. m.) for seeding.
  • Seeded Phase 2 area totalling 4,400 sq. m. with a wildflower meadow mix and general-purpose amenity seed mix.
  • Laid new surfaces for roadway and parking, consisting of a formal tarmac approach and informal reinforced grass and improved drainage over the approach and car park; 3.5m. x 32 l/m. tarmac roadway on 250mm sub-base with flush kerb, kerbs laid on haunches in dry-lean/concrete.
  • Supply and installation of standard silver birch 80-100mm girth, located precisely, as per drawings. Excavated tree pit, trees staked in place and secured with tree tie. Tree shelter provided around base of each tree.