Aquatics Environs

Our Aquatic Consultancy division is responsible for offering professional advice on a wide range of aquatic management issues effecting aquatics environs, including:

  • Management and development of fisheries
  • Conservation of habitats
  • Environmental management and bio security

We also specialise in large scale integrated projects i.e.

  • Conservation and heritage
  • Micro hydro schemes
  • Habitat protection and enhancement
  • Abstraction impact assessments
  • Reed bed and wetland system designed to treat waste water, sewage and water borne contaminants
  • Fluvial restoration

A.G.A. Group Consultancy can provide detailed assessments and produce reports and plans to assist in the planning application process and the assessment of all relevant significant environmental issues.

Water Quality Surveys:

We understand how ecosystems function, and have the technical ability to clearly identify and define problems and formulate specific solutions.

Our surveys services Include:

  • Pond lake and reservoirs surveys
    Water condition report
  • Sterilisation and treatment recommendations of acidified water bodies
  • Water habitat and marginal vegetation assessments
  • Siltation surveys

The main parameters tested for in water quality are: dissolved oxygen, ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, pH, phosphate and hardness.

Image showing Meter reading