Phase 1 Habitat Surveys

Phase 1 Habitat Surveys are required by Planning Policy Statement 9 (PPS9), which sets out policies on the protection of biodiversity and geological conservation.

This is often the starting point for the majority of ecology assessments.

Our survey allows for a clear understanding of the ecology on a site and assessment of the potential impacts of any proposed development.

We can extend the Phase 1 Habitat Survey to provide a more detailed assessment through inclusion of scoping work for protected species.

Both these surveys can be carried out most of the year, though spring or summer surveys make it easier for identification of vegetation.

Survey timings are crucial in order to obtain reliable data and prevent project delay as consents and licenses’ may be required for any mitigation procedures.

Our Phase 1 Habitat Surveys provide information on:

  • Present/potentially present species
  • Potential impacts of a development
  • Legal and planning policy issues

We provide a complete written report of results evaluating conclusions and appropriate recommendations for compliance or further investigation.

Where required we consult with interested parties, including planning consultants, architects, local authorities, statutory agencies, wildlife conservation organisations and local interest groups.

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