Silt and Hydro-Soil Surveys

When considering restorations and mitigations to aquatic environments it is important to understand the impacts that the silt and hydro-soil have on the ecology of both running but in particular still and standing water such as ponds and lakes. Carrying out a survey is or should be one of the first and initial steps in the process.

Silt and hydro-soil surveys allow you to understand the processes and conditions prevalent in the water environment. A survey should include the depth of the silt contrasted against the depth of the water. This can help to dive detect understand any sedimentary processes and the possible need for dredging, draining and silt removal.

A survey should also include providing an appreciation of both the organic and inorganic component of the silt and hydro-soil. This is particularly important to understand as these natural processes are often critical in achieving the much sought after ‘natural balance’.

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