Coir and composites

AGA are experts on the use of pre-seeded, and if desired plain, coir based materials.

These materials make an ideal substrate for growing a variety of different plants whilst stabilising the surface while root systems establish. The coir will then be absorbed into the soil, adding fibre and nutrients to it, further promoting the growth of new plantings.

By using pre-seeded and grown coir the area surrounding works can quickly be returned to a ‘tidy’ and robust state, where plain seeding would take as long as a year to re-establish and, in the meantime, would not be as strong or resistant to erosion.

AGA TRM 700 & 900

Coir erosion control and turf reinforcement mat for effective medium and long term applications. The TRM can be active for up to 7 years, this means protection from erosion while sown and self-seeded vegetation develop to complete a strong rugged natural erosion control zone.

AGA TRM 700 is a long term mat with 100% natural biodegradable coir 10 to 11 mm thick. With good tensile strength up to 8.5 kN/m, it biodegrades in approximately 5 to 6 years.

AGA TRM 900 is a longer-term erosion control mat with 100% biodegradable coir; it is 12 to 13 mm thick with higher tensile strength up to 13.8 kN/m and biodegrades in approximately 5 to 7 years.


Typical applications:

  • Erosion control on slopes
  • Erosion control of drainage channels
  • Protection of river banks above and below the water line in high flow areas
  • Protection of shorelines on the open water of lakes and reservoirs
  • Protection of vulnerable newly seeded areas
  • Permanent vegetation reinforcement in wetlands

AGA Turf Reinforcement Mat 350

AGA Turf Reinforcement Mat 350 (TRM350) is a tested and proven technology for long-lasting erosion control.

AGA TRM350 is constructed from coir fibre matting stitched between high tensile strength UV stabilised PP nets. This provides the strength and longevity that enables TRM350 to be used for bank protection even where high flow or heavy runoff conditions are encountered.

Complete erosion control and vegetation reinforcement.

Typical applications:

  • Erosion control on slopes.
  • Erosion control of drainage channels.
  • Protection of river banks above and below the water line in high flow areas.
  • Protection of shorelines on the open water of lakes and reservoirs.
  • Protection of vulnerable newly seeded areas.
  • Permanent vegetation reinforcement in wetlands

    AGA Vegetated Coir Rolls

    A.G.A. Group Pre-planted Coir Rolls provide an excellent alternative to hard revetment to establish a ‘soft’ and effective method of erosion control or to establish immediate habitat. They also provide improvements in site biodiversity and encourage flora and fauna into the area. Coir rolls are available as either unplanted or as a pre-planned and established product.

    These coir rolls have been used for many years in a number of projects and have proved a successful bio-engineering erosion technique endorsed by the Environment Agency.

    Coir roll specifications

    • 300mm (12″) diameter x 3m length. 7kg per 1m dry weight
    • 400mm (16″) diameter x 3m length. 12kg per 1m dry weight
    • Compression 110-120 kg/m2
    • Nets made from synthetic multi-strand fibre 50mm diamond mesh

    A.G.A. Coir Rolls are planted at the nursery using matured bare roots (MBR). The plants will be provided at a rate of 6 per l/m and will be firmly rooted into the coir fibre roll when supplied.

    Coir Rolls are available from stock in a variety of planting variations, our ‘standard mixed’ Coir Roll is extremely popular and highly recommended. A.G.A. Coir Rolls can also be grown to order.

    The standard mix consists of a combination of Iris pseudacorus, Carex acutiformis, Glyceria fluitans, Juncus effuses, Phragmites australis and Lythrum salicaria.

    For applications in deeper or, fast-flowing water coir rolls can be used in conjunction with, faggots, A.G.A. Rock Rolls, A.G.A. Span and other ‘hard’ revetment techniques to provide more stringent erosion techniques.

    These techniques used in conjunction have been proven to work on large scale erosion projects and represent the forefront of erosion control.

    AGA Vegetated Coir Pallets

    AGA Group Coir Pallets offer an excellent natural solution to establish marginal aquatic vegetation in lakes, ponds, rivers and stream banks. The success of the coir pallets lies in their diversity, they are so versatile and can be used to protect against erosion or provide habitat, such as on an Eco-Island. Where water bodies have been created by using artificial methods with synthetic membranes and liners, coir pallets can often be the only way to establish aquatic plants into the water body.

    These coir pallets help to quickly establish aquatic plants in the area and increase the biodiversity of sites by providing habitat for a number of ecologically key species.

    Coir pallets have been planted at the nursery using mature bare-root plants (M.B.R.).

    The plants will be provided at a rate of 18/m2 and will be firmly rooted in the coir material.

    Coir Pallets are available from stock in a variety of planting variations; generally, the pallets are planted in monocultures of Norfolk reed (Phragmites australis ). Greater and Lesser pond sedge (Carex riparia & acutiformis ), Iris (Iris pseudacorus ) Reed Canary grass (Phalaris arundinacea ) Soft rush (Juncus effuses ) Reed sweetgrass (Glyceria maxima ).

    Coir pallets can also be grown to order to the clients own specifications.

    All stock pallets are planted with native species grown in our Merton nursery and are guaranteed to be of Norfolk provenance.


    AGA 125 Coir Blanket

    AGA erosion-control-TRM-350-choir-.A. 125 erosion control blanket is the practical solution to erosion control on any number of steep slopes where vegetation is the primary stabilising medium. It is a particularly economical solution where large surface areas are at risk or already damaged and in need of protection from further erosion.

    AGA 125 consists of a biodegradable matrix of coir fibre stitched between two biodegradable jute (and or Polypropylene) layers of netting. This is a flexible material that drapes evenly over surface contours so that when pinned, it holds close to the underlying surface avoiding the creation of voids that could otherwise remain unvegetated. It is particularly effective for erosion control in environmentally sensitive locations.

    Up to four years of protection is achieved allowing the roots of the vegetation to establish securely into the surface of the slope, thus giving a strong, natural stand of vegetation that halts further erosion.


    • Lightweight and clean AGA 125 is easily transported to the most difficult sites
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Satisfies the demands of environmental concerns, regulators and wildlife organisations
    • The rapid growth of vegetation means immediate and ongoing improvement in erosion control
    • Slopes return rapidly to their natural state
    • Can be installed all year round

      AGA Economical Erosion Control

      EconBlankets provide the conditions for vegetation to stabilise the soil. A.G.A. EconBlankets are extremely economical. The mesh supports high-quality natural materials that are evenly distributed and stitched to ensure the best possible results for slope stabilisation.

      A.G.A. EconBlankets are available with four options. Each of these has been developed to offer the best performance under varying conditions. Choose between fully biodegradable or medium-term reinforcement systems.

      Product descriptions:

      • EconB SP
        100% bio-degradable straw/hay mixture stitched between slow degrading PP netting.
      • EconB CP
        100% bio-degradable coir stitched between slow degrading PP netting.
      • EconB SJ
        100% straw/hay mixture stitched between biodegradable jute mesh.
      • EconB CJ
        100% coir stitched between bio-degradable jute mesh.

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