The Pond as it was before A.G.A. Group started work.

Image showing paraade pond before

The pond after A.G.A. Group’s stirling efforts, despite all that COVID 19 could throw at us!

Image showing Pond After

Watford Council

“The Watford Town Centre Pond has long since been a popular landmark of the Town.

In 2020, the Council engaged A.G.A. Group Enviro-Fix Limited to undertake a number of improvements to make the pond more environmentally friendly, and sustainable by introducing more natural ways to keep the water clean and healthy for the plants and wildlife that live there.

From the start of the project, A.G.A. acted professionally by firstly offering their expertise in the design of the wetlands and general structure of the pond, and secondly by constructing a team that displayed incredible knowledge of the project.

Like most town centre landmarks, the pond is located in an area of heavy footfall, and one of the main challenges faced by the Project Team was undertaking the works whilst ensuring the safety of the general public. A.G.A. discussed their proposals with the Council and mobilised the site with adequate signage and all necessary safety features. This was well received by the Project Team and the general public, who were kept informed as the project moved forward.

In spite of the project throwing up a number of technical challenges, A.G.A. acted swiftly and professionally to address unforeseen works by minimising the impact on the programme. They also introduced design features that will future-proof the project, and ensure the appearance and water quality remains consistent.

The project suffered from the impact of Covid-19, and again A.G.A. acted swiftly to adapt their working procedures and practices to meet government guidelines. They were able to deliver the works during difficult times, and still managed to complete the project in time for the reopening of the Town Centre.

As a Project Manager responsible for a variety of projects, I would have no hesitation in recommending A.G.A. to other clients, as their knowledge, professionalism and expertise will add value to any project.  ”  

Peter De-Bique BSc (Hons) MCIOB

Interim Building Surveyor (Projects)

Watford Borough Council