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Erosion Control

The A.G.A Group  has a wealth of experience in undertaking a variety of river management and restoration projects and is equipped to employ a wide range of recognised techniques.

We provide an extensive range of materials and systems for Erosion Protection on:

  • River banks and wetlands
  • Lake/reservoir banks and shores
  • Dams, revetments and balancing ponds
  • Unstable and over-steep slopes
  • Spillways and irrigation channels

We make use of the most appropriate natural or man-made materials, and often a combination of both. In this way we can provide immediate short or long term surface protection that can mean a rapid return to the location’s natural state.

Bioengineering and soft engineering erosion control measures

Geotextile fabrics & composites

Geosynthetics offer many benefits over traditional construction techniques, by reducing project costs, construction times and reducing the volume of natural materials that are used and therefore reducing the environmental impact of transportation.

Bank-side erosion is a common riverine problem, particularly in fast flowing (artificially straightened) channels and there are a number of revetment techniques which can be employed. The choice of erosion prevention measure employed is heavily dependent on site conditions and as such there is no ‘one cure for all’.

Hard engineering methodology for erosion control

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