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River & Lake Habitat Enhancement

River and stillwater habitat enhancement and management

The A.G.A. Group specialise in the use of ‘soft’ bio-engineering techniques to carry out both stillwater and river habitat restoration and enhancement.

This work is carried out using both natural and semi-natural solutions to improve the aquatic and surrounding ecology and biodiversity.

The techniques employed can range from very simple planting techniques to the use of willow mattresses, willow faggoting and the use of coir rolls to establish aquatic plants in difficult situations.

Plants can be used to buffer natural erosion such as that caused by wind and wave action and where the conditions are hostile towards natural colonisation. This is often best achieved by establishing the plants in coir rolls before positioning and fixing the planted coir roll into place. Coir rolls establish quickly and give added benefits in situations where wildfowl might make the establishment of plants difficult.

Our many years of practical fishery management experience has allowed us to develop techniques in protecting plants both during and after establishment from grazing by ducks, geese and swans

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