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A.G.A Economical Erosion Control – EconBlankets provide the conditions for vegetation to stabilise soil

A.G.A. EconBlankets are extremely economical. The mesh supports high quality natural materials that are evenly distributed and stitched to ensure the best possible results for slope stabilisation.

A.G.A. EconBlankets are available with four options. Each of these has been developed to offer the best performance under varying conditions. Choose between fully biodegradable or medium term reinforcement systems.

Product descriptions:

  • EconB SP
    100% bio-degradable straw/hay mixture stitched between slow degrading PP netting.
  • EconB CP
    100% bio-degradable coir stitched between slow degrading PP netting.
  • EconB SJ
    100% straw/hay mixture stitched between biodegradable jute mesh.
  • EconB CJ
    100% coir stitched between bio-degradable jute mesh.

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