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A.G.A. Turf Reinforcement Mat TRM350 is an effective, immediate and lasting erosion control

A.G.A. Turf Reinforcement Mat TRM350 is a tested and proven technology.

A.G.A. TRM350 is constructed from coir fibre matting stitched between high tensile strength UV stabilised PP nets. This provides the strength and longevity that enables TRM350 to be used for bank protection even where high flow or heavy run off conditions are encountered.

Complete erosion control and vegetation reinforcement.

Typical applications:

  • Erosion control on slopes.
  • Erosion control of drainage channels.
  • Protection of river banks above and below the water line in high flow areas.
  • Protection of shore lines on open water of lakes and reservoirs.
  • Protection of vulnerable newly seeded areas.
  • Permanent vegetation reinforcement in wetlands

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