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A.G.A. Spectrum Dye

A.G.A. Spectrum pond & lake dyes are the most popular and economical water dyes available to suppress weed and algae growth and enhance appearance.

Features and benefits of Spectrum

A.G.A. Spectrum range of dye is free of pesticides, algaecides and other harmful chemicals.

Harmless to plants, fish, wildlife, insects and pets.

Supplied in a variety of colours and strengths.

Available in both liquid and powder formats.

A.G.A. Spectrum Dye is used by:

  • Award-winning landscape gardeners
  • Commercial fishing lakes
  • Golf clubs
  • Local authorities
  • Private enterprise waters

Application is simple and can be used all year round.

It is economical to use and long lasting.

It prevents weed and algae from blocking filters

Use A.G.A. Spectrum Dye wherever weed and algae is a problem.

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