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AGA Aqua 1 Mixer

AGA has pioneered aeration techniques over the last 20 years to serve a range of purposes, primarily to re-oxygenate ponds and reduce algal blooms.

AGA wind-driven Aqua 1 Mixer is a specialised piece of equipment for the aeration of ponds and lakes. It works on the principles shown below to enhance both the water quality and the biodiversity of the lake.

AGA have a number of aeration techniques to improve the quality of water in your pond or lake which will effectively increase dissolved oxygen concentrations, the most popular method is the wind-driven AGA Aqua 1 Mixer which uses technology to enhance the natural process of oxygenation.

Whenever technology is required it is nice to be able to couple this with a natural solution to enhance natural processes.

AGA Eco-Islands

AGA Eco-Islands work on a number of levels and provide important ecological benefits for lakes, reservoirs, canals and ponds. They encourage a balanced ecology both above and below the waterline; they also reduce the need for restocking and improve natural population expansion through providing valuable spawning habitat, thus reducing the risk of disease often associated with re-stocking.

AGA Eco-Islands also help to reduce bank erosion in a number of ways and can be immediately effective; they give protection to vulnerable stands of emergent and marginal plants on lakes where the wash from sports and wave action may cause damage. They also provide sanctuary for many aquatic creatures and can function as markers or separation barriers for different activities.

AGA Eco-Island framework is constructed of UV resistant PVC with a galvanised steel grid for the base support. Buoyancy is provided by the watertight tubes with specially weld-sealed ends. The surface of the islands can be covered with a mix of pre-vegetated coir pallets or other appropriate substrate placed upon them.

AGA Eco-Islands are also available with graze protection fencing to help protect the growing plants from overgrazing, and a fish refuge, a caged area underneath the island with a mesh small enough to keep out larger predatory species.

AGA Aquatic Plants

AGA is one of the UK’s leading growers of aquatic plants. Our Merton Hall Ponds nursery has been commercially growing and supplying customers for two decades.

We maintain specialised “fish-free” nursery ponds where we grow healthy aquatic plants, untainted by fish borne pathogens, solely for their introduction into a client’s waters. We undertake a thorough inspection to ensure the habitat will benefit from any changes. Our consultants offer advice on techniques to increase the amount of aquatic plant coverage on your fishery. A.G.A. undertake all types of aquatic plant projects, from their introduction into the water body, or their harvesting and removal.

AGA grown aquatic plant species for use in:

  • Coir rolls, pallets and mattresses
  • Bio-engineering systems
  • Eco-Islands
  • Reed beds

    AGA AquaBio

    The use of calcium compounds, referred to as liming in fisheries management, is long-established and has been proven, in the right circumstances, to serve valuable functions.

    Often referred to by the name “siltex”, the term liming comes from the field of aquaculture where liming is used as part of the annual cycle to prepare ponds ready for the growing season. Where ponds are used for semi-intensive or intensive aquaculture it is a highly recommended procedure used as a precursor to fertilisation. The technique has since been transferred to Stillwater fisheries management serving similar functions with the same associated benefits.

    AGA AquaBio is completely harmless to all aquatic organisms including fish and amphibians

    It should be acknowledged, at this early stage, that trying to change the chemical composition of a water body is at best problematic and the consequences, should it go wrong, can be severe. AGA would therefore only advise the use of lime after consultation with a professional aquatic scientist/consultant. We would be pleased to quote for the supply or supply and installation of AquaBio.

    AGA Spectrum Dye

    AGA Spectrum pond & lake dyes are the most popular and economical water dyes available to suppress weed and algae growth and enhance appearance.

    Features and benefits of Spectrum:

    • AGA Spectrum range of dye is free of pesticides, algaecides and other harmful chemicals
    • Harmless to plants, fish, wildlife, insects and pets
    • Supplied in a variety of colours and strengths
    • Available in both liquid and powder formats
    • Application is simple and can be used all year round
    • It is economical to use and long-lasting

    It prevents weed and algae from blocking filters

    AGA Spectrum Dye is used by:

    • Award-winning landscape gardeners
    • Commercial fishing lakes
    • Golf clubs
    • Local authorities
    • Private enterprise waters
    • Use AGA Spectrum Dye wherever weed and algae is a problem.

    AGA BioX

    AGA are specialists in Biological algae control. Our most environmentally responsible method is with AGA BioX Barley Straw Concentrate.

    Control over the growth of filamentous algae (blanket weed) has historically been carried out by the use of ‘cereal’ straw, in particular, that of barley. The effect is as yet not fully understood, although it is now believed that the straw acts as a medium for bacteria which AGA BioX achieves in a much simpler form.

    The bacteria, which are harmless, compete with the algae for the available nutrients; it was previously thought that the effect was a chemical one, the straw producing an algaecide. This, it is believed, is more likely to be an inhibiting chemical as opposed to an algaecide, whilst AGA BioX is as simple to apply.

    Barley straw is an effective treatment to control the growth of filamentous algae and can offer the following advantages:

    • It is inexpensive.
    • It is environmentally acceptable.
    • It is effective in both large and small water bodies.
    • It has no known side effects.
    • Available in handy 25-litre application drums.

    AGA has, through stringent research and development been able to produce the inhibiting chemical produced by barley straw, effectively distilling the process and negating the need for cumbersome applications of straw. The application of AGA BioX, a barley straw concentrate, has the same inhibiting effect on the growth of algae without the often labour intensive process of introducing and removing large quantities of barley straw.

    AGA BioX is in effect a barley straw concentrate that conditions the water to control algae, as with the application of barley straw the application of A.G.A. BioX is temperature dependent with warmer conditions providing faster results. It is therefore recommended that AGA BioX is applied in the spring or early summer to prove most effective at controlling the spread of filamentous algae.

    Barley straw used to produce AGA. BioX is free from herbicides and pesticides and is the produce of land managed in accordance with the Organic Product Regulations 2009.

    Regulated under the CONTROL OF PESTICIDES REGULATIONS 1986 (COPR) HSE 9405


    “We have struggled for some time to find a product that is as effective as BioX in controlling the blanket weed. The moat surrounding the orangutan enclosure at Jersey Zoo is primarily a barrier to prevent the apes from leaving the outdoor island enclosures. It is however also full of flora and fauna and aesthetics are an important tool, but in the summer the blanket weed takes over and smothers everything else out. We used BioX this year for the first time and were completely blown away by the outstanding results. Not only did it halt the growth, but in some areas of the moat, it completely removed it. Fantastic!

    Thank you, Ash and team.
    Gordon Hunt
    Deputy Head of Mammals
    Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

    Jersey Zoo

    AGA & OASE Living Water

    AGA are UK commercial partners of OASE a global player in Living Water Systems. Together we offer fascinating water effects from ponds in private gardens to large imposing installations in public areas.

    Fountain Technology

    Fountains are not only an attractive feature for a body of water, but they also support a healthy aquatic environment for the biological balance by enriching its oxygen; a contribution toward the reduction of nuisance algae.

    Floating fountains overcome problems of fluctuating water levels, excessive water depths, or muddy pond bases; they stay on the surface, without tipping, thanks to robust float elements, that ensure perfect buoyancy. Only the nozzle and the surface of the float element are visible; the technology remains concealed underwater.

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      AGA Ultrasonic Algal Control

      AGA Group offers 2 ranges of Ultrasonic devices; AGA Cell Busters I and II, for smaller bodies of water, and the SonicSolutions range for large bodies of water up to 120 acres.

      AGA Cell Busters are small lightweight units that are designed to be suspended in small to medium-sized water bodies, even the smaller of the two has an effective sphere of influence up to 150m in a 178-degree arc. With either a single (Cell Buster I) or two (Cell Buster II) transducers these units, with their 2,000 frequencies, are effective at removing the algae from a waterbody.

      With over 17 years of experience matching ultrasound technology products with customers, SonicSolutions Algae Control has seen great success in the reduction of over 95% of varying algae and up to 99% of diatoms in water across the globe. This reduction prevents new growth and is an effective non-chemical option to promote a more sustainable and healthier environment.

      Ultrasound was introduced for algae control in the late 1990s
      Is used in various pond and reservoir applications in over 100 countries
      Works in harmony with other aquatic wildlife and plants
      Can now effectively treat 120 acres of blue-green algae with a single unit
      Works effectively with other algae control methods such as aeration and bacteria
      Sonic Solutions offers 2 types of unit; the Mezzo DB a bi-directional unit that can treat 150 to 400 meters in a straight line, and the multi-directional Quattro DB that can control algae of an area of up to 120 meters and diatoms across 17 acres, making them suitable for the largest water bodies, especially when multiple units are used.

      Whilst the Cell Buster units are designed to be connected to an external power source, the Sonic Solutions units can also be powered by their own solar power units, reducing the running costs, of what is already a cheap to run solution, even further, with the Quattro DB even having an option to be suspended from its own floating solar power supply on a floating pontoon.

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