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  • Standard stock fencing i.e. for cattle and sheep
  • Deer fencing, badger, rabbit
  • Post and rail; is a popular type of fencing for horse paddocks and menages. It can also be used as a boundary fence, and with a stock fencing combination, which will keep animals in or out. You can also add electric fencing to it for extra security.
  • Estate fencing; is the more common for agricultural fencing and is normally erected on country estates but can also be used domestically. This fencing is designed to have the strength to contain cattle without being too obtrusive on landscaped parkland. It can be decorative or plain in style.
  • Otter & Badger fencing; Otters can cause a great deal of damage, especially to fisheries. Otter fencing can be a preventative measure. It consists of tall steel wire mesh netting attached to round posts. The bottom of the fence is partially buried to prevent otters from digging underneath. The top of the fence is angled at 45° to prevent the otter from climbing over the top. A badger fence works in a similiar way.

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