A.G.A. 125 Coir Blanket

A.G.A. 125 erosion control blanket is the practical solution to erosion control on any number of steep slopes where vegetation is the primary stabilising medium. It is a particularly economical solution where large surface areas are at risk or already damaged and in need of protection from further erosion.

A.G.A. 125 consists of a biodegradable matrix of coir fibre stitched between two biodegradable jute (and or Polypropylene) layers of netting. This is a flexible material which drapes evenly over surface contours so that when pinned, it holds closely to the underlying surface avoiding the creation of voids that could otherwise remain unvegetated. It is particularly effective for erosion control in environmentally sensitive locations.

Up to four years protection is achieved allowing the roots of the vegetation to establish securely into the surface of the slope, thus giving a strong, natural stand of vegetation that halts further erosion.


  • Lightweight and clean A.G.A. 125 is easily transported to the most difficult sites
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Satisfies the demands of environmental concerns, regulators and wildlife organisations
  • Rapid growth of vegetation means immediate and on-going improvement in erosion control
  • Slopes return rapidly to their natural state
  • Can be installed all year round
Image showing Coir 125 Blanket
Coir in use


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