A.G.A. Vegetated Coir Pallets

A.G.A. Group Coir Pallets offer an excellent natural solution to establish marginal aquatic vegetation in lakes, ponds, rivers and stream banks. The success of the coir pallets lies in their diversity, they are so versatile and can be used to protect against erosion or provide habitat, such as on an Eco-Island. Where water bodies have been created by using artificial methods with synthetic membranes and liners, coir pallets can often be the only way to establish aquatic plants into the water body.

These coir pallets help to quickly establish aquatic plants in the area and increase the biodiversity of sites by providing habitat for a number of ecologically key species.

Product Materials:
  • Fill:¬†100% Coconut fibre. Country of Origin Sri Lanka
  • Net:¬†Coir string. forming
Product construction
1m x 1m (1m2)2m x 1m (2m2)
3 kg/m2 Dry weight6 kg/(2m2) Dry weight
Other sizes available on request


Coir pallets have been planted at the nursery using mature bare-root plants (M.B.R.).

The plants will be provided at a rate of 18/m2 and will be firmly rooted in the coir material.

Coir Pallets are available from stock in a variety of planting variations; generally, the pallets are planted in monocultures of Norfolk reed (Phragmites australis ). Greater and Lesser pond sedge (Carex riparia & acutiformis ), Iris (Iris pseudacorus ) Reed Canary grass (Phalaris arundinacea ) Soft rush (Juncus effuses ) Reed sweetgrass (Glyceria maxima ).

Coir pallets can also be grown to order to the clients own specifications.

All stock pallets are planted with native species grown in our Merton nursery and are guaranteed to be of Norfolk provenance.

Image showing Unplanted and Pre established pallets
Phrag 3rd season
Image showing Reedbed


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