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A.G.A Vegetated Coir Rolls

A.G.A Pre-planted Coir Rolls provide an excellent alternative to hard revetment to establish a ‘soft’ and effective method of erosion control or to establish immediate habitat. They also provide improvements in site biodiversity and encourage flora and fauna into the area. Coir rolls are available as either unplanted or as a pre-planted and established product.These coir rolls have been used for many years in a number of projects and have proved a successful bio-engineering erosion technique endorsed by the Environment Agency.
Coir roll specifications
300mm (12″) diameter x 3m length.7kg per 1m dry weight
400mm (16″) diameter x 3m length.12kg per 1m dry weight
Compression110-120 kg/m2
Nets made from synthetic multi-strand fibre50mm diamond mesh

A.G.A Coir Rolls are planted at the nursery using matured bare roots (MBR). The plants will be provided at a rate of 6 per l/m and will be firmly rooted into the coir fibre roll when supplied.

Coir Rolls are available from stock in a variety of planting variations, our ‘standard mixed’ Coir Roll is extremely popular and highly recommended. A.G.A Coir Rolls can also be grown to order.

The standard mix consists of a combination of Iris pseudacorus, Carex acutiformis, Glyceria fluitans, Juncus effuses, Phragmites Australis and Lythrum salicaria.

For applications in deeper or fast flowing water coir rolls can be used in conjunction with, faggots, A.G.A Rock Rolls, A.G.A Span and other ‘hard’ revetment techniques to provide more stringent erosion techniques.

These techniques used in conjunction have been proven to work on large scale erosion projects and represent the forefront of erosion control.

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