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A.G.A. Angling Platforms

A.G.A. Group design and install angling stations which can be constructed from a variety of materials depending on the preference of the client.

These platforms provide predetermined areas where anglers can fish, thus reducing both bank side erosion and the potential damage that anglers can cause to marginal vegetation. The angling stations constructed by A.G.A. Group can take many forms depending on the design specifications of the site.

All angling stations designed and constructed by A.G.A. Group are done so with safety in mind, and where the stations are positioned is an extension of this. In general, angling stations are positioned approximately fifteen meters apart although exact positioning will be dictated by bank characteristics. A.G.A. Group also design and install angling stations specifically with the disabled angler in mind to enable everyone to have access to this recreational activity.

For more information on A.G.A. fishing platform construction services, why not call one of our advisors.

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