A.G.A. Rock Rolls

A.G.A. Rock Rolls can be an excellent option or component of bank revetments. Whilst developed by A.G.A. primarily to be used alongside coir rolls as they act as a sub-surface flexible but permanent gabion, they also provide excellent erosion control.In turbulent and fast flows A.G.A. Rock Rolls are used to provide a solid foundation on top of which pre-established coir rolls can be installed. The roots of the aquatic plants can then quickly grow and establish into the voids of the rock rolls giving long term erosion control, bank support and habitat enhancement.

A.G.A. Rock Rolls can be used on their own to very good effect, given the right condition; which will be specific to each individual site; it may be possible to vegetate A.G.A. Rock Roll with aquatic plants.

Specification of A.G.A. Rock Rolls:

A.G.A. Rock Roll specifications
300mm (12″) Diameter x 2m in length. 120 kg per 1m dry weight
400mm (16″) Diameter x 2m in length 180 kg per 1m dry weight
Netting: Synthetic high tenacity polypropylene, mesh size 45-50mm nominal diamond Knotless multi-strand yarn of 5mm diameter

We also provide methodologies and products for larger scale erosion projects where a ‘harder’ solution is required. An example is a rock filled gabion to protect the area around a mooring in a large freshwater lake to facilitate safe embarkation and disembarkation by disabled sailors.

Where bank erosion is greater than just toe erosion or an eroded bank requires to be re-built by replacing substrate this is achieved by using A.G.A. Cell Retention Methodology.

Image showing Rockroll Revetment
Image showing AGA Rock Roll 2011


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