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Hazel, Chestnut, Willow (live) Faggots

Faggots are widely used in conjunction with many other materials to facilitate bioengineered solutions to environmentally sensitive projects. Once placed into situation, faggots have a very long life, and thus become an integral part of many designs particularly where coir rolls and pallets are specified.

Faggots can provide support for coir rolls and pallets to ensure that they sit at the correct water level, they will also offer additional erosion protection to the bank, particularly to the often vulnerable ‘toe’. Faggots provide a very important erosion control technique to manage scour below the water level where coir rolls used on their own would not address the problem. Live faggots made from willow are used to provide a living and very sustainable option, as well as providing long-term erosion control they also improve biodiversity by increasing habitat.

The A.G.A. Group also supply willow material in loose bundles to be used for making and installing willow mattresses and spiling.

Specification of faggots

Faggot specifications
Material: Hazel, Chestnut, Willow (live)
300mm (12″) Diameter x 2m in length. 6kg per 1m dry weight.
400mm (16″) Diameter x 2m in length. 12kg per 1m dry weight
Ties: Polypropylene multi-strand fibre twine. 3 ties per bundle

Faggots can be supplied in lengths of up to 5 meters and the material used to tie the faggot bundles can be a biodegradable twine made from coir.

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