A.G.A. Advance

A.G.A. Advance geotextile reinforces poor existing subsoil and prevents it from mixing with the good quality imported structure material.

A.G.A. Advance is a woven geotextile designed to create a stable base for a wide range of earthwork construction. Its resistance to naturally occurring acids and alkalis ensures reliable long term performance.

A.G.A. Advance limits uneven settlement reducing the risk of rutting or deformation developing on the finished surface, very effective where dependable strength is called for.  It is versatile, lightweight and permeable and importantly, less expensive, it minimises the use of imported construction materials that are needed therefore ensuring substantial savings. On weaker sub-soils where thicker constructions may be required, considerable savings in the cost of hard-core or stone can be made.  Rot proof and inert to all naturally occurring chemicals, A.G.A. Advance becomes an integral part of base construction.

A.G.A. Advance the economical method for reinforcement and soil separation on:

  • Car parks
  • Cycleways
  • Driveways
  • Embankments
  • Access roads
  • Forecourts
  • Playing fields
  • Roads
  • Sports grounds

Call us for a guide on the combination of A.G.A. Advance and hard-core or stone saving considering underlying ground type.

Some typical uses

  • Seepage control on earth dams and embankments
  • Filters around trench drains and edge drains
  • Filters beneath pavement permeable bases
  • Fines retention behind the bio-engineered lake, pond,
  • and river revetments
  • Fluvial silt curtain
  • Filters for blanket drains and base courses.
  • Geotextile wraps for a slot or jointed drains.
  • Drains for retaining walls, bridge abutments etc..

A.G.A. Advance HF

A.G.A. Advance HF woven geotextiles provide outstanding water flow and pore size characteristics that will satisfy even the most demanding hydraulic applications. The uniform apertures across the roll ensure fine particle retention and even filtration characteristics that maximise long term performance by reducing the likelihood of the fabric blocking and clogging.


We also stock our non-woven A.G.A. Advance geotextile in a light Ground Cover grade that will provide a cost-effective solution for weed control across a broad range of applications.

A.G.A. hold in stock for supply only and supply and install contracts a range of woven A.G.A. Advance geotextile materials.

Quality Assurance

Tests are made at all stages of the manufacturing process to ensure every roll of ADVANCE performs to the highest standards. Extensive quality control procedures safeguard the reliability of all fabrics we supply.

Image showing AGA advance 1
Advance Mat
Image showing AGA advance 3 1
Image showing AGA advance 2
Advance Mat Roll


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