A.G.A. Claymat

A.G.A. Claymat Natural Clay Lining System is ideal for both large and small ponds.

High technology and extremely dense bentonite liner of low thickness that will provide a securely sealed water containment structure of any size.

The self-sealing property of A.G.A. Claymat secures the integrity of any open water containment system. In the event of damage, water will cause the bentonite to hydrate and thus, render the liner impermeable.

The structure is permanently protected, even small cracks and voids will self-seal. A.G.A. Claymat offers superior technical properties, significant advantages in cost savings, ease of installation and outstanding performance.

A.G.A. Claymat functions within a very wide range of applications:

  • Reservoirs, ponds and lakes
  • Dams, canals and watercourses
  • Geomembrane protection layers
  • Surface impoundment liners
  • Secondary containment
  • Groundwater protection
  • Landfill baseliners
  • Waste and containment capping
  • Vertical barriers

A.G.A. Group has been constructing water bodies with Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCL) for over 20 years. Bentonite clay liners have almost totally superseded compacted clay liners because of their cost-effective construction and reliability.

A.G.A. Group’s installations using Bentonite Claymat – advantages at a glance:

  • Low product weight…means minimum transport costs. One lorry load covers up to 4000m2
  • Quick and trouble-free installation…no heavy compactors or complicated welding equipment.
  • Defined sealing efficiency…consistent thickness and an extremely low-k value ensure exactly defined sealing properties.
  • Large product width…minimises lost coverage due to fewer overlaps.
  • High, long-term shear strength…provided by the fibre reinforcement which also prevents lateral migration of the bentonite
ClayMat being laid
Image showing A.G.A Claymat
Advance Mat Use


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