A.G.A. Geo-Grids

A.G.A. Geo-Grids are perfect for soil reinforcement for steep earth slopes, retaining walls and the stabilisation of the weak ground.

A.G.A. Geo-Grids create a reinforcing function by supporting the penetration of soil/rock particles or other geotechnical materials through the apertures of the grid by interlocking the particles.

Geo-Grids are used in layers with suitable fill to create a stiff mechanically stabilised layer within the soil, vastly improving its load-bearing capacity and for reinforcement of non-cohesive soils, cohesive soils and formations made of coarse-grained materials.

Geo-Grid reinforced steep slopes and embankments cost significantly less than conventional concrete or gabions retaining structures.  A.G.A. Geo-Grids used for soil reinforcement can accommodate very high loads.

Benefits of A.G.A. Geo-Grids:

  • High tensile strength at low elongation
  • Very low strain at maximum load
  • High resistance to chemicals in soils
  • High level of microbiological resistance
  • Excellent resistance to damage during installation
  • Optimal interlocking with coarse-grained soils
  • High pull-out resistance
  • Low values of creep ensure long term stability
  • Increased stability of embankments
  • Reduces the volume of earthworks
  • Preserve the natural appearance of slopes
  • Easy construction even in wintertime
  • Cuts the construction costs and time

Typical applications:

  • The stabilisation of steep river and reservoir banks
  • Vegetated retaining walls
  • Reinforcing embankments of road, car parks and railways
  • Permanent, short term, temporary and emergency vehicle parking
  • Embankments constructed on piles
  • Reinforcement of fillings and soils on construction sites
  • Landslip repairs
  • The construction of noise barriers and bunds
  • Reinforcement of unstable foundations

Vegetation is often an integral part of the design where Geo-Grids are used, where required our consultants will always advise on suitable planting methods and species.  A.G.A. Geo-Grids are available in strengths from 20kN/m to 350kN/m. Bi-axial grids offer strength in both directions. Uni-axial grids provide the principal strength in one direction.

Where required we can design and have manufactured Geo-Grids produced to higher strengths to suit a client’s own specification.

Image showing A.G.A Geo Grids supporting coir
Bank Work
Filled in Bank Work


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