A.G.A. GeoCell

A.G.A. GeoCell cellular confinement system supports a viable layer of topsoil on the slopes and banks of rivers, roads, railways and coastal areas and offers protection over tree roots. 

A.G.A. GeoCell is a cellular matrix of interconnecting polymer strips that form pockets to locate and strengthen the fill material, providing a tensile strength that very effectively increases the shear resistance and cohesion of the fill. GeoCell supports a viable layer of topsoil on steep slopes and banks. Manufactured from high-density polyethylene sheet, securely welded at the joints and then installed using soil pins, it provides strength at least equal to the strip material itself .The cells are folded flat for easy transport and expanded on site to form the full cell web area. Available in depths of 100mm and 200mm and various cell diameters that have cellular drainage holes to prevent saturation of the fill material.

Access roads:

A.G.A. GeoCell vastly improves the bearing capacity of standard fill material.


A.G.A. GeoCell forms a flexible revetment structure for the lining of ditches and water channels and may be filled with concrete or crushed stone. The web is also available with holes to attach to securing ropes.

Basal reinforcement:

A.G.A. GeoCell makes it possible to reduce foundation stone thickness by up to 50% when laid on over steep slopes. The polymer strips provide a tensile force effectively increasing the cohesion of the material and act as mini-weirs to reduce run-off and soil loss and is ideal for:

  • Basal support and stabilisation.
  • Base for block paving under heavy loading
  • Sand dune stabilisation
  • Ornamental pond construction
  • Protection and vegetation over spoil tips
  • Reinforcing  grass surfaces for access roads, car parks, fire access etc.

A.G.A. GeoCell is probably the most satisfactory solution for areas where trees are at risk and need protection temporarily or permanently, especially where Tree Protection Orders may be in force. (BS5837:2005 gives recommendations and guidance on principles to be applied to achieve a satisfactory juxtaposition of trees).

A.G.A. Geocell will stabilise the ground, prevent compaction and induce lateral spreading of down forces from traffic, while at the same time allowing moisture and nutrients to penetrate to the roots.

Tree Root Protection Mat (TRPM)

Tree root protection mat (TRPM) incorporates A.G.A. GeoCell with a high performance needle punched polypropylene non-woven geotextile,  to provide long term protection to tree roots whilst providing support to heavy traffic loads. The permeable membrane lets water, nutrients and air percolate the root zone to sustain plant development, while at the same time deflecting fibrous root from rising up through into the GeoCell fill material.

Roots of trees are particularly susceptible to damage from heavy traffic movements which cause slow deterioration of health or the death of trees.

TRPM is a robust, permeable membrane that lets water, nutrients and air to percolate the root zone to sustain plant development, while at the same time deflecting fibrous root rising up into the cell fill.

TRPM is a high performance needle punched polypropylene non-woven geotextile, developed to offer outstanding performance at minimum weight. TRPM is used in conjunction with A.G.A. GeoCell to provide long term protection to tree roots with the applications of separation & filtration

Our non-woven needle-punched geotextiles provide a cushioning layer to protect adjacent geosynthetics.

Image showing A.G.A GeoCell
Image showing AGA Geocell1
Image showing AGA GeoCell filled MOT Type1
Pertially covered Grid


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