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A.G.A. NP300 Non-Woven Needle Punched Geotextile

A.G.A. NP300 is a high performance 300gsm geotextile that provides outstanding performance at minimum weight with excellent puncture resistance.

Typical Applications


A.G.A. NP300 is installed below and/or above an impermeable membrane to function as a protection geotextile preventing the risk of puncture damage to the liner.

A.G.A. NP300 is a strong and flexible needle punch geotextile that provides protection to a wide range of adjacent geosynthetics. With its excellent flexibility, durability and thickness, needle punch fabric offers an ideal puncture resistant protective cushion.

A.G.A. NP300 reinforces poor existing sub-soil by preventing it from mixing with costly imported material that is laid above. This geotextile layer helps to limit uneven settlement reducing rutting and/or deformation, thus increasing the load bearing capability and stability of foundations or traffic load bearing layers. A.G.A. NP300 used below A.G.A Geocell as a Tree Root Protection Mat provides a layer for separation and filtration. Water, nutrients and air percolate the root zone to sustain plant development while deflecting fibrous root rising up through into the Geocell fill.

A.G.A. NP300 geotextile retains particles whilst allowing the free movement of water, thereby keeping separate two opposing layers during severe hydraulic activity. Avoiding the migration of material between layers vastly improves the surface load bearing capacity and maintains the free passage of water maintaining the sub-soil stability.

A.G.A NP300 is used to maintain continuous free drainage of water away from construction sites with minimum loss of pressure. The structure of needle punch is such as to allow excess water to pass through the body of the material without blocking the fabric facilitating drainage away from the area.

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