A.G.A. ArmorMat is used on steep soil slopes vulnerable to erosion; once installed it immediately increases the soil’s resistance to erosive runoff displacement by providing conditions that enhances the growth of underlying vegetation through the medium, which may be existing foliage or quality topsoil that is blinded into the ArmorMat matrix following installation.

ArmorMat is a three-dimensional matrix of UV stabilised, non-degradable synthetic fibres, heat bonded where they cross then extruded onto a double twisted steel woven mesh. When used within water the course, ArmorMat provides hydraulic erosion protection once it is secured with suitable soil nails or ground anchors as specified by the client.

ArmorMat is used extensively in projects involving:

  • Erosion control
  • Rockfall embankments
  • Surface strengthening and support
  • Reservoirs, lakes and ponds
  • Weirs & culverts
  • Longitudinal protection
  • Channels & culverts
  • Slope protection
  • Capping lining systems
  • River & coastal projects


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