A.G.A. BioX

A.G.A. Group are specialists in Biological algae control.  Our most environmentally responsible method is  with A.G.A. BioX Barley Straw Concentrate.

Control over the growth of filamentous algae (blanket weed) has historically been carried out by the use of ‘cereal’ straw, in particular that of barley. The effect is as yet not fully understood, although it is now believed that the straw acts as a medium for bacteria which A.G.A. BioX achieves in a much simpler form.

The bacteria, which are harmless, compete with the algae for the available nutrients; it was previously thought that the effect was a chemical one, the straw producing an algaecide. This, it is believed, is more likely to be an inhibiting chemical as opposed to an algaecide, whilst bA.G.A. BioX is as simple to apply.

Barley straw is an effective treatment to control the growth of filamentous algae and can offer the following advantages:

  • It is inexpensive.
  • It is environmentally acceptable.
  • It is effective in both large and small water bodies.
  • It has no known side-effects.
  • Available in handy 25 litre application drums.

A.G.A. Group has, through stringent research and development been able to produce the inhibiting chemical produced by barley straw, effectively distilling the process and negating the need for cumbersome applications of straw. The application of A.G.A. BioX, a barley straw concentrate, has the same inhibiting effect on the growth of algae without the often labour intensive process of introducing and removing large quantities of barley straw.

A.G.A. BioX is in effect a barley straw concentrate which conditions the water to control algae, as with the application of barley straw the application of A.G.A. BioX is temperature dependent with warmer conditions providing faster results. It is therefore recommended that A.G.A. BioX is applied in the spring or early summer to prove most effective at controlling the spread of filamentous algae.

Barley straw used to produce A.G.A. BioX is free from herbicides and pesticides and is the produce of land managed in accordance with the Organic Product Regulations 2009.

For more information on any of A.G.A. BioX products, why not download the leaflet, spec sheet and safety sheet below or contact us using the form below or our contacts page.
 “We have struggled for some time to find a product that is as effective as BioX in controlling blanket weed. The moat surrounding the orangutan enclosure at Jersey Zoo is primarily a barrier to prevent the apes leaving the outdoor island enclosures. It is however also full of flora and fauna and aesthetics are important tool, but in the summer the blanket weed takes over and smothers everything else out. We used BioX this year for the first time and were completely blown away by the outstanding results. Not only did it halt the growth, but in some areas of the moat it completely removed it. 
Fantastic! Thank you Ash and team.

Gordon Hunt

Deputy Head of Mammals
Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Jersey Zoo

Image showing A.G.A Bio X
Image showing Jersey zoo


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