Modular Filters

Modular filters are ideal for all types of larger ponds. Whether natural bodies of water, swim ponds or even Koi ponds, all impose the most rigorous requirements on filter performance.

The OASE modular filter systems can be extended modularly depending on the requirement, and thus also adapt to increasing needs. Innovative functions, such as automatic self-cleaning and an extensive range of accessories make the system a perfect solution for the most rigorous demands.

At A.G.A. Group we find that for best results the Oase ProfiClear Premium range provides the best balance of efficiency and value.  For general use we usually recommend the Premium XL Moving Bed or the Premium XL Drum Filter, either pumped or gravity fed.  This, with the addition of Bitron UVC (Ultra Violet Clarifier) will ensure that water quality will remain at optimum.

Clear and healthy water ensure undisturbed pond enjoyment. But what happens when suspended algae or other particles turn the water green and lessen the enjoyment of the garden pond?

Even in this case there is a remedy. Simply insert the UVC clarifier in the water circuit of the pond, ideally upstream from your filter. The special light radiation in the interior of the clarifier kills off the suspended algae, germs, and bacteria are eliminated.