A.G.A. Aqua 1 Mixer

A.G.A. has pioneered aeration techniques over the last 20 years to serve a range of purposes, primarily to re-oxygenate ponds and reduce algal blooms. A.G.A. wind driven Aqua 1 Mixer is a specialised piece of equipment for the aeration of ponds and lakes which works on the principles shown below to enhance both the water quality and the biodiversity of the lake. A.G.A. have a number of aeration techniques to improve the quality of water in your pond or lake which will effectively increase dissolved oxygen concentrations, the most popular method is the wind drivenĀ A.G.A. Aqua 1 Mixer which uses technology to enhance the natural process of oxygenation.Whenever technology is required it is nice to be able to couple this with a natural solution to enhance natural processes.

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