A.G.A. AquaBio

The use of calcium compounds, referred to as liming in fisheries management, is long established and has been proven, in the right circumstances, to serve valuable functions. 

Often referred to by the name ‘siltex’, the term liming comes from the field of aquaculture where liming is used as part of the annual cycle to prepare ponds ready for the growing season.  Where ponds are used for semi-intensive or intensive aquaculture it is a highly recommended procedure used as a precursor to fertilisation.  The technique has since been transferred to stillwater fisheries management serving similar functions with the same associated benefits.

A.G.A. AquaBio is completely harmless to all aquatic organisms including fish and amphibians

It should be acknowledged, at this early stage, that trying to change the chemical composition of a water body is at best problematic and the consequences, should it go wrong, can be severe.  A.G.A. Group would therefore only advise the use of lime after consultation with a professional aquatic scientist/consultant. We would be pleased to quote for the supply or supply and installation of AquaBio.

Image showing AGA AquaBio


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