OASE Aqua-Oxy 400/1000/2000

OASE Aqua-Oxy 400/1000/2000

OASE engineers have designed the Aqua-Oxy range of pond aerators to facilitate the optimum conditions in a garden pond. With up to 2000 litres per hour air displacement, and infinite adjustment, all pond types and sizes can be perfectly supplied with oxygen. The unique part is that it is the only fully outdoor weatherproof air pump that conforms to international safety standards.

  • Simple and convenient in operation.
  • Robust, resistant, and safe low voltage (12 Volt) weatherproof transformer.
  • With up to 2000 litres of air per hour (Aqua-Oxy 2000), even larger ponds can be supplied with sufficient oxygen via 2 air stones.
  • Each air stone has a 5 m long air hose which permits selection of a suitable location.
  • Non return valves enable operation below the water surface.
  • With electronic ON/OFF push button.
  • Suitable for use outdoors due to the 12 volt technology.
  • Can be individually regulated, low-noise.
Dimensions in mm (L x W x H)228x224x112228x224x112228x224x112
Output Voltage12v / 50Hz AC12v / 50Hz AC12v / 50Hz AC
Input voltage230v / 50Hz AC230v / 50Hz AC230v / 50Hz AC
Power Consumption10 watts15 watts25 watts
Output Pressure in bar/metres0.17bar / 1.7m0.2bar / 2.0m0.25bar / 2.5m
Air Displacement Quantity (lp/hour)40010002000
RegulatorInfinitely variableInfinitely variableInfinitely variable
Number of Outlets222
Air Hose2 x 5m2 x 5m2 x 5m
Air Stones222
Cable Length5m5m5m
Guarantee2 years2 years2 years

The air flow (l/h) depends on the immersion depth (m) of the air stones:

Depth in MetresAqua-Oxy 400Aqua-Oxy 1000Aqua-Oxy 2000
0.0420 l/h1000 l/h2000 l/h
0.2400 l/h900 l/h1825 l/h
0.4360 l/h800 l/h1650 l/h
0.6340 l/h720 l/h1475 l/h
0.8280 l/h650 l/h1300 l/h
1.0100 l/h600 l/h1125 l/h
1.2 550 l/h950 l/h
1.4 500 l/h775 l/h
1.6 450 l/h600 l/h
1.8  425 l/h

The above values were measured with a total air hose length of 2 x 5 metres

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