OASE Proficlear M1

Whether the OASE modular filtration system is operated as a gravity fed filter in the ground or as a pump fed version. The Proficlear M1 – pump chamber ensures the correct positioning of the filtration pump:
  • For reducing pressure losses
  • For safe installation in swimming ponds in compliance with standards
  • For simple maintenance and over wintering
  • For protection against excessive sludge
  • Two inputs for connecting to the bottom drain and skimmer.
  • On the floor there is a sediment chamber for debris which leaves the pump chamber via the sludge drain.
PROFICLEAR M1 – pump chamber
Dimensions in mm (LxWxH)800 x600 x800
Inlet Ø2 x DN 100
Outlet Ø2 x 50 mm
Hose connection for the outlets1” – 2”
Manufactured from Duroplast.

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